Pure Fiji – Dilorescue Therapy

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Products, Spa, Wellness

Body Sanctum Product of the Month

Our must have Winter product this month is the Dilorescue Bath Therapy by Pure Fiji. A traditional blend of coconut milk and dilo nut extract combined with aromatic herbs, to help rejuvenate your skin, release muscle tension and restore calm. Great after a day up the mountain!

The dilo tree is known as “the tree of a thousand virtues” it grows on white coral sands in the islands of Fiji. The dilo oil is known for its healing powers and is used as a traditional topical aid. Its natural anti-histamine properties help to reduce inflammation. It’s widely known as the ‘natural miracle oil’ for your skin!

Key ingredients

  • Dilo oil

  • Coconut milk

  • Marjoram

  • Chamomile

Product use

  • Simply add to your bath water. Use before bed to promote sleep.


  • Nourish and replenish skin

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Release muscle tension

Retails for $47 – Pop into our Spa in town to have a look at the whole Dilorescue range!

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